Chinese Language Teaching Materials for Mulan 花木兰对外汉语教材

Although not originally a Chinese movie, Disney's Mulan is based on the Chinese story of Mulan. Dubbed into Chinese, this movie makes for an excellent Chinese language teaching material. There are two Chinese versions available, and we have deliberately chosen one over the other because of the language used. Read the Preface and Forward for Teachers. See the Sample page for a sample scene.

The materials are available, via, in several formats: coupon information here:
1) Script only. This has the entire script of the movie, but nothing else other than a list of characters and scenes.
2) Script, vocabulary list, language notes, and exercises. This is the entire set of materials.
3) Vocabulary, language notes, and exercises (no script). This is for teachers who want to use Mulan to improve listening.

Note that the actual DVD is NOT included.

We have self-published these in order to keep the cost as low as possible.

The version we have used can be found online at
There is also a DVD for sale here:

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